In a warm and familial atmosphere, a team of 40 persons come to pick delicately the most beautiful grapes of the stems Chardonnay- Pinot Noir- Meunier.


Efficiency and quickness are essential to drive the grapes to the press.

Delicateness and know how are necessary to get the precious juice.



Alchemy between different grapes, years and terroirs. A unique know how for a unique creation.

Essential moment in the work of the wine grower The birth of a style and the soul of Monmarthe Champagne.

Birth of the sparkling

Ageing in cellars

Far from noise and light, we leave the bottles rest for a long time.
From 3 to 5 years for non vintage wines, More than 6 years for the vintage wines, the wine is ageing slowly in bottles in the familial cellar.
The blooming of aromas and perfumes is on process.

A gentle awakening


Cheers ! A votre santé ! Kampaï ! Prost ! Salute ! Kippis !

The Vigneron Independant

Champagne MONMARTHE is very proud to belong to the great family of the wine growers « Vigneron Indépendant ».

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Being "Vigneron Indépendant" means working the wines and the vines at each stage, from the creation of the wine to the trading, respecting the Charter of the "Vigneron Indépendant":

  • The Wine-grower «Vigneron Indépendant»:
  • Respects his/her soil
  • Works on his/her wines
  • Harvests his/her grapes
  • Converts into wine and grows the wine
  • Bottles his/her production in his/her own cellar
  • Sales and markets his/her products
  • Consistently improves his/her respect of tradition
  • Welcomes and advises on wine tasting and takes pleasure in introducing the fruit of his/her work and culture
  • High Environmental Value

    On April 20th, 2014, Champagne Monmarthe has been awarded the Certificate of High Environmental Value for its whole vineyard. This distinction is given in tribute of the efforts and results got by Jean-Guy MONMARTHE and for the respect of his terroir.

    Indeed, for several years, the Monmarthe family is working heartedly to preserve its terroir:
    Treatments only when needed according to the different plots
    Grass in the vineyard
    Global Use of the technic of“ sexual confusion” used against the destructing butterflies
    Plowing of the vineyard

    This distinction directly comes from the Grenelle of Environment. This distinction marks time on the biodiversity, use of phyto products and fertilization of the terroir. Champagne Monmarthe is awarded for its safe wine-growing policy.