Secret de Famille

Symbol of the Champagne MONMARTHE, the “Secret de Famille” will make you discover the blending of the three stems of Champagne (Pinot Noir 40%, Meunier 40% and Chardonnay 20%) in a white and gold label. The ageing of 2 years in cellars helps this wine to express its power.
In the glass, you can see a shiny gold and rising thin bubbles, you can smell some notes of hawthorn and white peach, you can taste a wine slightly honeyed with aromas of cherry plums.

To be served for an aperitif but also with a fish meal.
For a cocktail, a wedding, a party, this vintage “ Secret de Famille” will leave you good memories.

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Obtained from the blending of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in a perfect balance (50/50), this vintage will catch all your attention.
It has spent four long years in our cellars before you discover it, tinted with golden shadows and a bewitching fragrance of natural distinction.
When you drink it you can feel aromas of quince and honey, a complexity revealing a perfect balance between brightness and persistence.

A pleasure to share with your friends for aperitif. Fineness, elegance and refinement are the main characteristics of this wine which has to be a privilege.

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 Decanter World Wine Awards
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Rose de Ludes

In a case of plain glass, the vintage Rose de Ludes reveals itself at first sight thanks to its color.
This vintage is the blending of our white wines and our still red wine “côteaux champenois”.
Thin bubbles, aromas of strawberries and black currants are the perfect cocktail for greediness.

Le Mondial du rosé

Douceur de Bulles

Blended in the same proportions than our “Secret de Famille”( 40% of Pinot Noir, 40% of Meunier and 20% of Chardonnay), the difference of taste is due to the difference in the dose of sugar added. To get this taste, we add nearly 35g of sugar per liter, which gives shiny reflections and plum aromas.

Delightful with a strawberry cake or a panacotta with red fruits. Forgotten since a long time, the wine called ‘Demi Sec’ is given a revival thanks to its new label and a real identity: Douceur de Bulles. Wine of dessert by definition, you will end a meal at its climax with our Douceur de Bulles.

Coup de Coeur

A pure jewel

This vintage Extra-Brut is bewildering for all the Amateurs of Champagne.
Produced from old vines of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, this Champagne is a non vintage Brut aged 4 years in our cellars.
This Champagne will be bewildering for papillae and will sublimate your moments between friends.

Concours des Vignerons Indépendants
Sakura Japan Women's Wine Awards

Tasting Advice

  • Champagne is delivered at a perfect maturity stage. You can keep it for a few years in cellars, if you keep it lied down in darkness in a fresh temperature.
  • Champagne can be consumed between 8 and 10°C.
  • Serving a Champagne is a slow and regular gesture. Serving in 2 times is better for a nice sparkling. The glass must be filled at 2/3.

  • Have a nice tasting!