In a warm and familial atmosphere, a team of 40 persons come to pick delicately the most beautiful grapes of the stems Chardonnay- Pinot Noir- Meunier.


Efficiency and quickness are essential to drive the grapes to the press.

Delicateness and know how are necessary to get the precious juice.



Alchemy between different grapes, years and terroirs. A unique know how for a unique creation.

Essential moment in the work of the wine grower The birth of a style and the soul of Monmarthe Champagne.

Birth of the sparkling

Ageing in cellars

Far from noise and light, we leave the bottles rest for a long time.
From 3 to 5 years for non vintage wines, More than 6 years for the vintage wines, the wine is ageing slowly in bottles in the familial cellar.
The blooming of aromas and perfumes is on process.

A gentle awakening


Cheers ! A votre santé ! Kampaï ! Prost ! Salute ! Kippis !